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Laser Hair Removal is definitely an easy and safe option when it comes to getting rid of excessive hair on your face or body. This treatment is gaining popularity because of the kind of results it has helped people achieve, although these results vary from person to person. The results are usually long term and the treatment can give you silky smooth skin for the rest of your life.

A couple of laser hair removal sessions may be needed to achieve the kind of results you may be looking for. However, if you follow certain tips given below, you should be able to maximize these results:

Go for a certified and reputed clinic

Laser hair removal is a procedure that can cause a lot of harm if you do not happen to choose the clinic in a wise manner. It is very important to make sure the procedure is performed by a professional who has a vast experience in offering the treatment to various kinds of clients. A reputed skin care center will have all the equipment and facilities needed to offer safe and effective laser hair removal treatments. Basing your decision on pricing may not be such a good idea here.

maximize the results of hair removal

Make sure it is the right treatment for you

Going for a consultation session is a must if you want to go for laser hair removal. Make sure you understand everything there is about the treatment. Inform the specialists of your medical conditions and about any medications you may be taking before starting the procedure. You can even ask the specialist to perform a sample treatment on a tiny area of your body to check how your skin would react to the procedure. You can always go back to the clinic if you are satisfied that it is the right treatment for you.

Avoid tanning or exposing to the sun

If you want to go for laser hair removal, it is better to avoid the targeted area from getting tanned or being exposed to the sun at least about six weeks before the day of the treatment. If not, your skin might become too sensitive, which might make laser a very ineffective treatment. This might even change the tone and texture of your skin in a negative way. Even after the treatment you should avoid getting tanned or exposing the treated area to the sun for a period of two to three weeks, so as to reduce your hair-growth and achieve better results.

Avoid Waxing or Plucking hair from the targeted area before and after the treatment

Laser works on destroying hair follicles that are in their active phase of growth. If you wax or pluck your hair a couple of weeks before you go for the treatment, it may not be possible for the laser to destroy your hair follicles effectively. You should not wax or pluck your hair for a couple of weeks after you have undergone the laser hair removal session as this will stop you from achieving the desired results. However, shaving your hair or applying a depilatory cream may not affect these results as these methods do not affect the roots of your hair.

Shave your hair a day or two before the laser hair removal treatment

Shaving your hair just before the laser hair removal makes sure your hair follicles enter their active phase of growth. This will maximize the results of laser hair removal, which might even reduce the number of sessions you may need to achieve the desired results.

Make sure the right laser is used to treat your unwanted hair

Different kinds of lasers are used to offer skin and hair treatments. However, the kind of laser that is used by your specialist should suit your skin and hair type. You need to ensure this before going in for the treatment.

Apart from the above, here are a few tips that can help you keep your skin healthy and smooth after the laser hair removal treatment

  • Make sure you keep your skin cool and moisturized by using a cooling gel or a moisturizer
  • Do not miss your sessions at any cost. Multiple sessions of laser hair removal can give you excellent results when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. Try not to leave too long a gap between these sessions if you wish to maximize your results. Each session will help you get closer to a completely hair free skin.
  • Make sure you wash your skin using a gentle cleanser before you go for the treatment. The skin has to be devoid of any make-up, oils, moisturizers or dirt.
  • Do not take medications that can make your skin sensitive. If you have to take medications, do inform the specialist about it before your treatment
  • Avoid caffeine about 24 hours prior to the treatment.

Go through a few reviews and have a look at the various before and after images to get a fair idea of what you can expect from the treatment. A consultation session with your specialist does help in clarifying any queries that you may have about the treatment.

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