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Get a Beautiful, Smooth and Wrinkle Free Skin

It would be a good idea to see a dermatologist. Not all of us are born with smooth and blemish-free skin. Those who are, happen to be very lucky. The rest of us are bogged down by wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation patches, sun spots and so on. We keep on hunting for the right cosmetic products, even though we know we need to see a dermatologist. Let us focus on one problem – wrinkles!

So, the question is should you go to a dermatologist to get rid of your wrinkles? Here are few things that can help you decide for yourself… A dermatologist is one who is an expert when it comes to issues related to skin, hair and nails. They know the causes behind such issues and are experienced enough to suggest the perfect treatment to get rid of such issues. So if wrinkles happen to be your concern, it is in your own best interests that you see a dermatologist. Not every dermatologist would suggest a surgery for you to get rid of your wrinkles.

Technology today has brought many non-surgical and minimally invasive solutions that can help in treating 80 to 90% of your skin problems. For wrinkles there are many skin resurfacing techniques such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and fillers that can work wonders. Experienced dermatologists have quick and comfortable procedures under their sleeve that they perform within minutes to leave you looking younger, brighter and tauter than you were, ever before.

Dermatologists can give firm up your loose and sagging skin

There are treatments such as Thermage and Laser Skin Resurfacing that heat up the inner most layers of your skin and renew the collagen in those skin cells, giving you a younger and firmer skin that you can flaunt at all times. These treatments involve no cuts or incisions and hence need no time to recover from. They are very short procedures that you can even get done during your lunch time.


They can safely convert your fine lines into no lines at all

wrinkle removalThey use fillers that contain hyaluronic acid which can treat even the most superficial and tiniest of the lines without causing any harm. These injections penetrate only the top layers of your skin and therefore do not cause much of bruising. This will give your skin a bump-free appearance, while gently filling up your deep creases and fine lines almost instantly.  With a few sessions you can be wrinkle-free for a very long period of time.

 They can actually save your neck

As you age, your neck muscles start enlarging and even protruding. You will start seeing tight thick cords that may pull your face downwards.  This can help you get rid of these cords and give a lift to your face, while softening your wrinkles. It is non-surgical and minimally invasive. However, you may have to go for multiple sessions to achieve desired results.

They can fix screw-ups

In case you have tried out an ‘injectable filler’ that has gone wrong, a good dermatologist can fix that screw up for you. The dermatologist will inject a certain enzyme that corrects the problem by dissolving the hyaluronic acid. Once your body metabolizes it, you will see absolutely no trace of this enzyme or the hyaluronic acid.

They can give you brighter skin which can also fight cancer

There is a treatment called photodynamic rejuvenation that involves a combination of a topical drug and an intense pulsed light that can bust your pigmented cells. This treatment lightens the clusters of pigment that you can see on your face. The treatment is also proven as a potential remedy for combating precancerous cells. You will see a remarkable improvement in your fine lines and skin texture

They can help you enjoy an evenly toned skin within a few minutes

They use treatments like Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels, which are very effective in removing hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The latest treatment in this gives you un-damaged skin with no scabbing. Although you may experience mild flaking and dryness for about a week, the immediate results that are long-lasting make this treatment really worthwhile. One treatment would be more than enough to achieve brighter skin with an even complexion.

You can look up these treatments and more, read a few reviews, look up a few before-and-after images, choose the right dermatologist and be free from wrinkles for good. There are many highly qualified and experienced dermatologists out there who can help you achieve your desired results in a very safe and effective way. All that you need to do is run an online search, do some research and zero in on the best dermatologist in your area. You will be on your way to achieving a smooth, firm and young looking skin very soon.

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