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Know More About Cheek treatments

As we age our skin starts losing its elasticity because of which our cheeks begin to stretch or sag. Over the ears we may even lose some amount of volume which makes us look older than our actual age. While some of us learn to live with this, there are many who find this situation very depressing. They would love to go for some kind of treatment that will help them regain their youthful appearance again. Although traditional facelifts and necklifts can help you correct your cheeks permanently, most people avoid them because of the side effects that are associated with them. Non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments are what they prefer.

Causes of sagging or sunken cheeks

While ageing is one of the main factors that cause sagging or sunken cheeks, there may be other causes such as:

  • Genetic factors
  • Weight loss due to rigorous diets or ailments
  • Medical conditions that may cause flat cheeks or cheek pouches

Cheek treatments:

Soft cheeks filled up with flesh are what all of us want in order to look younger and attractive. These treatments may help you achieve your desired results in a safe and effective manner:
Cheek Treatment in Bangalore

  • Fillers:Fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane or Sculptra may help in restoring volume to your sunken cheeks and give your skin a tightened appearance. The procedure involved here is very simple and safe. These are just injections which inject hyaluronic acid, Man-made biodegradable polymer or Calcium hydroxylapatite into your cheeks using very thin needles. The pain involved is very minimal and manageable with a topical anesthetic. As your body starts absorbing these fillers, your skin will return to its normal state. These injections also stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, thereby extending the results of your treatment. However, it is always better to get tested for allergies or infections if any to avoid any kind of side effects.
  • Autologous fat transfer or microlipo injection:This is a process by which your own fat tissues are used to give volume to your sunken cheeks. First, excess fat is removed from another part of your body such as your buttocks, thighs, abdomen or jowls through gentle liposuction. Then the fat cells are isolated and cleaned by spinning the fat in a centrifuge at a very high speed. Then these fat cells are injected into your cheeks. Since this treatment involves the transfer of your own fat, you will not come across any kind of side effects. The results are quite long lasting and very satisfying, provided you choose your doctor wisely
  • Laser: Laser can be used as a combination treatment along with any of the above two treatments to make sure you have a smooth finish after the cheek treatment. Laser helps in getting rid of your wrinkles, fine lines, spots and acne scars, giving your skin a tightened and rejuvenated appearance. A beam of light is passed through your skin to remove the outer damaged layers of your skin until fresh, soft, flawless, smooth and supple skin is revealed. You may need a couple of sessions depending on the type of treatment you go for and your skin condition.
  • Mid FaceLifts:This treatment works well to elevate your cheeks. The surgeon will first create deep incisions into your muscle tissues. Then the muscle tissues and fat cells are readjusted so as to give you a smooth and tightened appearance. The incisions are then sutured. It might take a week for you to recover from this procedure. It is better than the standard face lift and the side effects are lesser too.

After Care:

While most of these treatments do not require any after-care, you will have to take certain precautions to make sure you achieve the desired results. This involves following the instructions given by your doctor strictly. You may have to refrain from going out into the sun for a few days after the treatment. However, if it is inevitable it is better to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 before going out. The time taken for recovery depends on the type of treatment you go for and your skin type.

Side Effects and Risks:

Most of the treatments mentioned above are free from any kind of risks or side effects, provided you choose a doctor who is highly qualified and experienced. However, mild bruising, swelling and redness may be quite common for a few days after the treatment. These should go away in about 3 to 4 days. If you have any kind of pain, your doctor might prescribe you some pain killers. Nevertheless, if you come across any other side effects it is better to inform your doctor immediately.

Our Experienced Team:

Dr. Rashmi is a well-qualified dermatologist practicing in Bangalore. She has treated lots of patients with different kinds of skin disorders through a variety of cosmetic treatments. She has invested in state-of-the-art facilities and latest technology equipment so as to cater to all the requirements of her clients in a safe, effective and faster way. She has full support from specialized team that helps her in achieving each and every objective she has in mind.


Our testimonial page contains a few reviews that our clients have written regarding the quality of our services. Going through some of these will give you a clear idea about what you can expect from us. Dr. Rashmi has offered cheek treatments to many of her clients, who have been extremely satisfied with the results. Most of them have in fact recommended our services to a lot of their friends and relatives.


The pricing for your cheek treatment totally depends on the type of treatment you go for. Non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments are definitely a lot more cost-effective when compared to the traditional face lifts. There are many other factors that determine the costing of treatment including:

  • The fees that your doctor usually charges
  • The location of his clinic and the rates prevailing there
  • Your skin type or condition
  • The kind of results you want to achieve
  • The number of sessions you may need

You can get in touch with Dr. Rashmi to avail a free consultation session during which she will evaluate your condition, suggest the right treatment, clear all your queries pertaining to the treatment and give you a rough estimate of the kind of money you might have to spend on your treatment.