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Know More About Thread Lifting

Thread facelift is a very convenient and minimally invasive alternative to the traditional facelift procedure. It works very well if you are showing early signs of aging with some minor facial sagging. It can reduce the sagging around your cheeks, your jawline and your neck within a short span of time, without any kind of risks. After the surgery the repositioned facial tissue and skin are held in place using special threads. If you do not want the surgery to show any traces or marks, you can go for a Contour ThreadLift that uses clear threads. When compared to the traditional facelifts, thread lifts are quite convenient, less risky, faster and cost-effective too.

How it works?

The procedure of Thread Lifting takes about one to two hours and can be done without any anesthesia. It works as follows:


  • A few incisions are first made into the targeted area on your face by your cosmetic surgeons
  • Then thin threads are inserted into these incisions
  • These threads attach themselves to the skin tissues
  • They are then pulled back to give a lift to your face
  • This eliminates sagging by raising your treated areas slightly, giving you a rejuvenated appearance
  • These threads are then knotted up and hide within the skin

You will be fully conscious throughout this procedure and you can very well approve the look that the thread lift gives you as your surgeon is working on it.

Benefits of Thread Facelifting:

Compared to surgical procedures such as facelifts, thread lifting offers a whole lot of benefits:

  • Very minimally invasive: While the traditional facelift involves general anesthesia, thread lift doesn’t even need any anesthesia. With just tiny incisions and insertion of thin threads, the procedure will be done easily. In fact you can even see and approve the results while the procedure is still going on.
  • No Side-effects or Risks: As it is very minimally invasive, thread lifting does not involve any kind of side effects or risks. Apart from slight bruising, redness or swelling, you may not come across any other side effect. These too are very temporary in nature.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to surgical facelift procedures thread lifts are very cost-effective and help you save a whole lot of money. If you do some research on the doctor and the location of clinic, you can save even more.
  • Faster recovery: As there are no major incisions or wounds in thread lifting, the recovery is much faster
  • Faster Results: With very little time to heal, the results are also seen faster in case of thread lifts.

Types of Threadlifts

Threadlifts differ depending upon the kind of thread used or the type of sutures made. These include:

  • Aptos Threadlift:This suture is inserted through a needle and it is not secured to your deeper tissue. The sutures are polypropylene and involve bi-directional barbs. This is also called the silk-lift
  • Endo-Aptos Threadlift:This is a slightly modified version of the Aptos Threadlift. Here a tiny incision is made near your hair-line as to secure the threads to the deeper tissues. Uni-directional barbed thread is used here.
  • Sling Lift: This technique is a slight variation of the Endo -Aptos Threadlift and is a combination of mid-face sling Facelift and Aptos Threadlift Facelift.
  • Contour Lift:Barbed suture is used in this procedure also and it involves anchoring just as in Endo-Aptos Threadlift.
  • Featherlift:This is very similar to APTOS threadlift that uses a new facelift thread called “Silhouette Suture“.
  • Curl Lift:Here a loop of suture is used to suspend drooping tissue. However, this procedure might involve some side effects such as “cheese wire” that happens when the tissue gets cut and dimpled.

Two types of threads are used in thread lifting procedures. First are the free floating cogged or barbed threads that don’t have to be suspended so as to hold the lifts. The second type is the suspension thread or the smooth threads that have to be anchored in order to stabilize the structure of your scalp or face.

Is it right for you?

If you are between the ages of 30 and 60 and have a skin tone that is relatively good, you are an ideal candidate for thread lifting. If you are showing minimal signs of ageing and if your facial or neck skin is just beginning to sag this will work for you. However, if you have drooping facial areas and excessively loose skin, this may not work for you that well. You may have to go for the traditional facelift surgery or anything else as advised by your doctor.

Our Experienced Team:

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced dermatologist who can administer this treatment for you safely and efficiently, look no further. Dr. Rashmi from Bangalore is definitely one of the best in the field. She has a clinic that is well-equipped with latest technology equipment and state-of-the-art facilities. She has a specialized team that assists her in achieving all her objectives. She takes all the required precautions so as to cause no side effects either during or after the treatments.


Many clients have been treated by Dr. Rashmi through thread lifting. They have all experienced tightened and youthful looking skin and are extremely pleased with the results. They have recommended our services to many of their friends and relatives. There are some that have also written reviews about the quality of our treatments. You can read a couple of them on our testimonial page.


The amount of money that you may have to spend on threadlift is definitely less than half of what you might have to spend on a traditional facelift. Yet, it all depends upon your skin condition, the type of thread lift and the number of threads that are used. The other factors that determine the pricing of a thread lift treatment includes:

  • The fees that your doctor charges
  • The clinic location
  • The kind of results you are looking at
  • The time frame during which you want to achieve these results
  • The way you react to the treatment

You can call our clinic and avail a free consultation session with Dr.Rashmi during which you will know all that there is to know about the treatment and its cost.