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Frequently Asked Questions

You definitely don’t want to take chances when it comes to your skin. Our specialists and support staff at Dr. Rashmi’s clinic, Bangalore, will be glad to answer all your queries regarding the treatments that we offer.Here is a list of answers to a few frequently asked questions that might clear some of your queries right away. In case you don’t find your answer here you can always get in touch with us through phone or email, any time.

I have been suffering from severe hair loss and none of the treatments have worked so far. Can you help me?

Yes. Many clients with hair fall problems have approached us and achieved desired results through our treatments. We, at Dr.Rashmi’s clinic, offer Mesotherapy and PRP treatment that are very effective in treating hair loss. Once you come to our clinic, we will come up with a solution that will treat your hair fall problem in the most efficient and safest way.

What are the treatments you offer for wrinkle reduction?

We, at Dr. Rashmi’s clinic offer many treatments to eliminate wrinkles. Some of our most popular treatments include Fillers, Microdermabrasion and Laser. A consultation session with Dr. Rashmi will help you understand which treatment will work best for your skin and enable you to take a decision.

I have excess fat in my body and would like to have a toned appearance without having to go through rigorous exercises or diets. Is this possible?

Yes of course this is very much possible. Dr. Rashmi and her team offers many treatments such as body contouring, mesotherapy and lipo dissolve injections that can help you get rid of excess fat and achieve a toned body within no time at all. All these treatments are administered in a very safe and effective manner, taking all sorts of precautions as to not cause any kind of side effects. Do call us or pay a visit to our clinic to know more.

I would like to go for wrinkle reduction treatment. How many sessions of treatment would I need?

This depends entirely on the kind of treatment you go for and the severity of your wrinkles. The best thing to do would be to book an appointment with Dr. Rashmi and avail a free consultation session. During this session your condition will be evaluated thoroughly and the right treatment for you will be suggested. Depending on how your respond to the first session of treatment, we will know whether you will need subsequent sessions or not. And if yes, we will let you know how many you might need approximately.

How fast can I return to work after a laser treatment for pigmentation?

We generally recommend non-ablative laser treatments that need hardly any time for recovery. Most of our clients resume back to work immediately after the laser treatment. If you can endure a little bit of discomfort and don’t mind going to work with a little redness or bruising on your face, you may go back the same day. Else, it is better to wait for a week or so till all the signs of your treatment disappear.

I recently gave birth to my baby and now I am worried about my stretch marks. They don’t seem to go away. Can you help?

Yes we can definitely help you here. We have different types of treatments that help in removing your stretch marks without any kind of side effects. As your stretch marks seem pretty much new, they may go away within just one or two treatment sessions. Call us or visit our clinic at the earliest so that you can get rid of your stretch marks as fast as possible

I have these white patches on my skin that look like they are spreading. I have been very depressed from the past few days because of this. Do you have any treatment that can make them disappear?

Your symptoms seem like vitiligo, which is one of the common complaints people come to us with. We have very effective treatments for vitiligo especially if detected in the early stages. If you can book an appointment and visit our clinic, we will evaluate your condition and suggest you the right treatment to go for. Whether they will disappear completely or not depends totally on how your skin responds to the treatment that we offer you. However, we will try our best to help you achieve the desired results.

Do you have any treatments for dark circles under eyes?

Yes we do! Dark circle are quite common if you do not have enough sleep or are ageing. Whatever the reason may be, we offer excellent treatments to eliminate your dark circles completely without any kind of side effects. We can suggest you the right treatment only after we assess your skin type, for which you may have to book an appointment and visit our clinic.

I want to go for laser for hair removal; but I am worried about side effects such as scarring and hyperpigmentation. Is it possible to go through the treatment without any side effects?

Yes it definitely is possible. Dr. Rashmi and her team take all kinds of precautions to avoid any kind of side effects from occurring either during or after treatments. We will guarantee that you will have to go through no side effects if you come to us for laser hair removal. Do make your decision and visit our clinic at the earliest.

Does laser work for skin tightening?

Yes, Laser treatments do work for skin tightening. Nevertheless, we believe in administering non-ablative laser treatments that are safe and effective. We have all the necessary facilities and the equipment to make sure the treatments work efficiently. However, it may take a couple of sessions to achieve optimal results when it comes to skin tightening.

I have a double chin that I am trying my best to get rid of. None of my options seem to be working. Do you have any treatment that can help me get rid of my double chin?

Yes, we have very safe and effective options to remove excess fat / loose skin from your neck and help you achieve a firm chin within the shortest span of time. You can call us and fix up an appointment with Dr. Rashmi to get your condition evaluated and find out which treatment works best to help you get rid of your double chin.

I am thinking of getting a few cosmetic treatments from your clinic. Can I expect a discount?

Our pricing is very cost-effective when it comes to treatments. However, once we meet you we will be in a better position to understand your requirements and see what we can do. One thing we can definitely promise you is a consultation session with Dr. Rashmi absolutely free of cost.

I have been wondering why I see brown spots on my forehead and cheeks. Do you have any treatments for this?

What you have seems like Melasma. You may have got these during your pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy or if you are taking oral contraceptives. Laser works very well for melasma giving you a smooth, rejuvenated and youthful appearing skin. However, we might have to first evaluate your condition before administering the treatment. Do call us and fix up an appointment to visit our clinic at the earliest.

I have very dry skin. Do you have any treatments to help me achieve smooth and youthful looking skin?

Yes we do. We have various treatments such as hydration treatment, microdermabrasion and skin rejuvenation treatments that work on providing the moisture and hydration that your skin needs. This will also help you get relieved of many of ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and scars, giving you smooth, flawless and rejuvenated skin.

I recently read about thread lifts. How can they help me?

Thread lifting is a safer alternative to face lift, which can help in treating minor facial sagging around your neck, jawline and cheeks. In this procedure thin threads are inserted into a few minor incisions that are made around your face. Once these threads get attached to your skin tissues they are pulled to give your face a lift. You will be awake throughout the procedure and you can even approve the look that this thread lift gives you.

How will microdermabrasion help?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure in which thousands of tiny microcrystals will be blasted on your skin to help you get rid of the dead and damaged cells in your skin. This treatment will safely remove the outer layers of your skin, revealing flawless, smooth and youthful looking skin underneath. This will also stimulate the collagen production in your skin and help you in maintaining the results for a longer time. Through this treatment you can get rid of all your ageing signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scars and pigmentation patches.

What are the treatments you offer for sunken cheeks?

We have various treatments for sunken cheeks such as fillers and lasers that can restore volume to your cheeks and give your skin a tightened appearance. We will have to evaluate your skin condition and then determine the perfect treatment for you. However, we will make sure you achieve your desired results without having to suffer any of the side effects.

Where will I get information about the pricing of your treatments?

We generally do not upload the pricing of our treatments as it differs from one treatment to other and from one person to the other depending upon the skin condition and the number of sessions required. To know the exact amount you may have to spend on your treatment you will have to fix an appointment by calling our clinic and avail a free consultation session with Dr. Rashmi. During this session your condition will be evaluated, treatment suggested and the exact pricing estimated.

What is the procedure to avail treatment from your clinic?

First thing you need to do is call our clinic and fix up an appointment with Dr. Rashmi. We give you a free consultation session during which your condition will be thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Rashmi. If there are any tests to be done, we may advise you accordingly. We will then recommend the right treatment and fix up a convenient date and time to carry it out. You will have to visit our clinic at the stipulated date and time, pay the estimated amount of fees and avail the required treatment.