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Hair loss treatment

Has hair fall become a cause of worry? Do you want to try out easy and safe treatments that can help you get rid of your baldness?

Get Advanced and Effective Hair Loss Treatments in Bangalore!

Dr. Rashmi is a qualified dermatologist with lots of experience in providing various kinds of cosmetic treatment in Bangalore. She has a specialized team working under her that is committed to provide dedicated service to her clients. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment of the latest sophisticated technology that helps us in providing top-class treatments to all our patients. We provide various hair loss and baldness treatments such as PRP and Mesotherapy and helped many in regaining lost confidence to face challenges of life in a better way.

About Hair loss and Baldness:

Though hair loss is quite a typical problem in aging men, it can affect anyone at any time. While it is normal to shed about 100 hairs per day for everyone, any loss that is more than this can lead to distressing development.  Hair is something everyone is concerned about and most do not mind spending money on hair loss and baldness treatments if it can help them get rid of their worry. If you are one of these this article may help you to learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of such problems.

About hair loss and Baldness

Hair grows at the rate of half an inch per month. In fact about 90% of our hair would be actively growing at any given point of time while the other 10% remains in a dormant phase. In a period of two to three months, the dormant hair starts falling. However, this is not a cause of worry as new hair starts growing from these follicles. While this is happening the other follicles would remain in the dormant phase.

One thing you may have to understand before going in for a hair loss or baldness treatment is the difference between shedding and hair loss. Shedding may happen due to stressful events. However, once your body gets adjusted the hair will start growing back. In case of hair loss the hair doesn’t grow back until the cause has been treated successfully.

Symptoms of Hair loss or Baldness:

Symptoms of Hair loss or Baldness:

Finding hair on your brush or pillow should not be a cause of worry as these things are not necessarily a symptom of hair loss or baldness. However, if you find your hair thinning at the top or crown of your head, and if your hair is not growing back in those places, you may be suffering from Alopecia. Alopecia is a medical term that is used for hair loss. However, this is not limited to hair loss on scalp. It could be over the entire body too.

 Diagnosis of hair loss or baldness:

After a thorough examination of your scalp and assessment of your medical history, a qualified dermatologist or a trichologist may be able to tell you the actual cause of your hair fall. At times, a biopsy may also be required where in a tiny patch of skin that has a hair follicle will be taken and sent to the lab to check if you are suffering from any kind of autoimmune disorder such as lupus. This can also tell if you have a fungal or bacterial infection on your scalp.

Treatments offered for Hair Loss and Baldness:

Dr. Rashmi believes in safe and effective treatments that can help her clients be free from their hair fall worries as soon as possible. These include:

  • Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy works very well for people who have just started balding. This treatment is designed to trigger the re-growth of the hair. This method involves the injection of vitamins onto the surface of the scalp, using small needles so as to improve the circulation of blood. This will in turn stimulate your hair growth. The treatment is very safe and painless.
  • PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: This method may be very useful for people who have undergone a huge change in their hair. A bit of blood will be first withdrawn from your body as in a normal blood test and then it is processed to extract concentrated platelets. These platelets are then injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

PRP Therapy


The cost of the treatment will depend upon the treatment that you go for and the severity of your condition. A complete diagnosis from Dr. Rashmi after evaluation of your condition will help you estimate the exact amount that you may have to spend on your hair loss or baldness treatment. You can call us and book an appointment to avail a free consultation from Dr. Rashmi.


Dr. Rashmi and team have helped lots of clients by treating hair loss and baldness. They have all been more than satisfied with the long-lasting results these treatments have led to. In fact, some of them have even written a few reviews which we have put up on our testimonials page. Not only have they come back to us for other cosmetic treatments, they have also recommended lots of clients to us.

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