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PRP Therapy
PRP Treatment

What is PRP?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is more an autologous treatment when it comes to hair restoration. In this treatment the patient’s own blood is taken and spun within a centrifuge in order to separate the liquid and the components. At this stage, certainplatelet activators like collagen, calcium chloride and thrombin are added to this. The solid portion that is separated is the PRP or the Platelet rich plasma, which is injected into the area to be treated, using a syringe.

This can also be sprayed on the area either before or after you get a hair transplant procedure done. For best results, these injections will have to be administered in regular intervals.

Why go for PRP?

PRP is a simple and a non-surgical way of treating hair fall or baldness. It stimulates the hair growth through your own platelets without using any external chemicals. The advantages of PRP include:

  • Safety: PRP gives very reliable and safe results without causing any kind of side effects
  • Easy procedure: PRP only involves a few injections that are given after applying a bit of local anesthetic. It is absolutely easy and takes about 30 to 45 minutes in total.
  • Faster Recovery: Since PRP does not involve any incisions or surgery, the recovery period is very less here.
  • Natural Results: The results absolutely natural and beautiful when it comes to PRP

Is it Right for you?

PRP would be excellent for anyone whose hair is thinning. It has shown successful results in people suffering from problems such as alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia too. However, you may not be the right candidate for PRP if you:

  • Are diabetic
  • Have an active infection on your scalp
  • Are taking any blood-thinning medications

How it works?

PRP is a procedure that requires the extraction of platelets from the blood of the patient. This is very similar to how your blood would be extracted in a simple blood test. This is how it works:

  • Blood is first withdrawn from your body and collected in tubes
  • This blood is then spun around in a centrifuge
  • This centrifuge process results in the concentration of RBC, WBC and the platelets in various levels within the tubes. At the end of this procedure, blood plasma which is rich in platelets is extracted and kept ready for the process
  • A local anesthetic is then applied to the area that is to be treated for hair loss
  • The platelets that are thus extracted will be injected using a microneedle or a thin needle. The procedure will be almost painless and there will be no discomfort.

The entire procedurewould take about half an hour to about 45 minutes and you can resume back to work almost immediately.

After Care:

PRP treatment is usually called a lunchtime procedure as it does not require any recovery time. However, you will need to attend regular sessions to make sure the treatment works well and for longer. Once you complete the first session, you may have to come back after about six weeks of time. In the first year you will have to come once in three months for additional treatments. After the first year, you can come once in six months based on the level of your improvement. However, this may vary from person to person depending upon the severity of hair loss and the effectiveness of the treatment administered.

Side Effects and Risks:

PRP is a very safe method to treat hair loss. You may not experience any kind of side effects other than a bit of bruising or mild redness at the area where the injection has been given. Unless you do not go to a good dermatologist who is experienced in administering PRP treatments successfully, it is very unlikely that you may come across any other kind of side effects that include:

  • Pain in the treated area
  • Infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • No improvement in hair fall control
  • No hair regrowth
  • Skin discoloration
  • Blood clots

In case you have any hair loss initially it could be because your scalp is shedding off your dead hair follicles in order to get ready for new hair growth. This however needs to be monitored closely and if there is no improvement, the treatment may even need to be stopped.

Our Experienced Team:

PRP treatment is one of the most popular treatments for hair fall and baldness. It involves the use of your own platelets to treat your condition. Dr. Rashmi, a well-known and qualified dermatologist offers this treatment in Bangalore. She has all the latest equipment needed to offer various kinds of cosmetic treatments to cater to the different needs of different types of clients. With the support of her specialized and trained team, she has been very consistent in achieving all her goals and objectives when it comes to treating her clients.


Dr. Rashmi has administered PRP treatments on a lot of patients who have experienced hair loss and baldness in different stages. They have all experienced great satisfaction from the treatment and are still enjoying the results. They have shown their satisfaction by writing reviews that you can read on our testimonial page. They have even recommended our services to many of their friends and relatives, who have indeed come to us for treatments.

PRP Therapy – Video Testomonial :


The cost of PRP treatment for hair loss depends upon the clinic you go to and the doctor that you choose. Each session may cost you anywhere between 4000 and 15000. However, the exact amount that you may have to spend for your treatment depends on how many sessions you may require. This can only be decided after a complete evaluation by the dermatologist who is going to treat you. You can avail a free consultation with Dr. Rashmi by calling us and booking an appointment. During this session, you would know the exact cause of your hair loss, whether or not you will benefit from PRP, how many sessions you may need and what would be the approximate amount you may be required to set aside for your treatment.