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Keloids Removal Laser Treatment

Keloids occur when your body tries to heal wounds in an overactive way. The skin damage that is caused by wounds is normally repaired by granular tissues that are created by your body. These tissues are made up of collagen which spread across the injury site. Sometimes, this creation of granular tissues does not stop, leading to a bed of collagen being laid across the healed wound. As a result a scar gets formed which keeps on growing outward, in all directions. Keloids are often hard to touch and dark in color. People who are on the risk of getting keloids include:
  • Women
  • Individuals between 10 and 30 years of age
  • People who have dark skin
  • People who have a family history of keloids

About Laser Treatment for Keloid Removal

Keloids will keep growing if not treated. The faster you decide to get rid of them the better it is for you. Smaller keloids can be treated through cryotherapy, which stops their growth by freezing them up. Steroid injections can also help in stopping the growth of keloids. However, these methods may not eliminate them completely. Laser is one of the best methods to treat keloids. Apart from stopping their growth, Laser tries to diminish the appearance of keloids by targeting the tissues. Nevertheless, surgery may be required for large keloids.

Types of Keloids Removal Lasers treatments

There are many kinds of laser treatments for treating keloids. The most common ones include:

  • Carbon Dioxide (Co2 ) Laser: If you have lighter skin CO2 laser may work well for you. In this method light beams are passed through the skin at a very high rate either using a scattered or a pulsed method. It minimizes the heat damage that is caused to the skin. For deeper tissue removal a more powerful CO2 laser needs to be used. Apart from treating keloids, this will also tighten your skin and rejuvenate the same by stimulating the production of collagen. The recovery time required is about two weeks here. Multiple sessions may be required depending upon your skin type and condition of your keloids. These will ensure the results will last longer without harming your skin in any way.
  • Pulsed-Dye Laser: Pulsed-dye laser makes use of an organic dye such as rhodamine, fluorescein, coumarin, stilbene, umbelliferone, tetracene or malachite green mixed in a solvent, which could be water, glycol, ethanol, methanol, hexane, cyclohexane or cyclodextrin. A high beam light is then used to pump this liquid so as to emit stimulated radiation. The light thus emitted is absorbed by the skin and converted into thermal energy, which kills the affected tissues, thereby healing the skin. A topical anesthetic is generally used to reduce the pain experienced during the treatment.

Why go for Laser Treatment for keloid removal?

Laser is one of the most popular treatments to remove keloids. While other methods generally work on stopping the keloids from growing, laser tries to eliminate the keloid from its source. A combination therapy that involves injections along with laser treatment is generally proved to be very successful in eliminating keloids and their scars. The benefits of laser treatments include:

  • Safety: Laser uses light and heat to treat keloids. It does not involve any cuts or incisions. Also, it makes use of no drugs or chemicals that might harm the skin in any way. This makes it comparatively a much safer treatment.
  • Faster Recovery: While other kinds of treatments may take months to heal, laser treatments hardly take any time. As this is a minimally invasive treatment it does not involve any wounds that may need healing. All you need to do is protect your skin from getting exposed to the sun and you can resume to your normal duties whenever you wish.
  • Quicker Results: Compared to most other kinds of treatments, laser treatments start showing results within one or two weeks from the day of treatment. By then all your bruising, redness or swelling would have come down too. Your skin will start producing collagen that will heal your scar and make your skin look youthful, supple and rejuvenated.

Is it Right for you?

Your doctor may be the right person to tell you if Laser treatment is the right way to treat your keloids. As far as safety is concerned these treatments work well for most people across the world. Yet, it is better to avoid these treatments if you:

  • Are having any Active Acne: Such conditions may lead to infections or painful wounds if you go ahead with laser treatments. Therefore, it is always better to wait for some time or get your active acne healed.
  • Are Pregnant or lactating: In such conditions your health would be top priority. Plus the hormones can make you really sensitive to pain. It is always better to wait for some time until you return to your normalcy before going for laser.
  • Are suffering from any skin Allergies:If you have any allergic reactions on your skin like rashes, itching, redness etc., it is better to get it treated first before trying out laser. Else, you may experience pain or infections.

Expert’s Advice:

Our Experienced Team:

Dr. Rashmi, a qualified dermatologist in Bangalore can help you in getting rid of your keloids permanently. She has a clinic that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that uses latest technology to treat different ailments in the most effective and safest way. The team of specialists that works under her help her achieve all her goals when it comes to treating different ailments of her clients in the most satisfactory manner. Here is some information about keloids that can help you in making your decision:


Dr. Rashmi has treated many patients in Bangalore and helped them get rid of their keloids. They have been extremely satisfied with the results and have recommended many to try out our services. Some have even written some positive reviews that we have put up on our testimonial page for you to get a first-hand idea of the kind of treatment you may expect from us. You can go through these when free and try out the treatment if interested.


There are many things to note when it comes to calculating the exact amount that you may have to spend for your laser treatment for keloids. The doctor you choose, the geographical location of his/her clinic, the type of Laser treatment you go for, your skin type, the condition of your keloid and the number of sessions you may require are a few things you need to consider. You can give us a call and fix an appointment at your convenient time to get a free consultation session from Dr. Rashmi, who will evaluate your condition, suggest the right treatment and tell you the exact amount that you may have to spend for your treatment. Any queries you may have may be clarified during this session.