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About Skin Lightening Treatment

Skin can get dull by exposure to sun, dust and pollution, resorting to improper diet and not enough cleansing. Home remedies and topical creams may help to some extent; but these treatments are more of a temporary nature. They do not eliminate the underlying conditions. This is where Laser technologies help. Since ages now Laser technologies are being used to treat various skin conditions such as acne, dark spots, melisma, wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tones. By removing the upper-most layer of your skin and heating up your underlying dermis in order to stimulate the production of collagen, laser treatments work effectively in making your skin look bright, youthful, supple and rejuvenated. Within no time you can get back that glow that you have always dreamed of.

Types of Lasers treatments for Skin Lightening

Many types of ablative and non-ablative laser treatments have been introduced for skin lightening. While both seem to be effective, ablative treatments may require about two to three weeks of recovery time.

  • Ablative Laser resurfacing: This method uses the traditional CO2 or Carbon Dioxide laser with a medium depth chemical peel to treat dull skin. It works by vaporizing the affected tissues, peeling off the epidermis or the top layer of your skin and heating up the underlying sub layer. A single session may be enough to brighten your skin through this treatment.
  • Non-ablative laser resurfacing: In this method the outer layer of your skin is kept intact in order to expedite the process of recovery. Although you may recover faster, such treatments may require you to undergo multiple sessions.
  • Fraxel or Fractional Laser Resurfacing: This is a combination of the above two types of skin resurfacing that works on the affected tissues in a safe way without taking too much time to recover. It adopts a top-down approach to work underneath the surface of your skin, thereby addressing various issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, scarring and visible photo aging. In a very natural way it stimulates the production of collagen in your skin, rejuvenates your skin cells and smoothens out the pockets and creases that might otherwise results in scars and wrinkles. The focus here is only on the affected tissues, which is why the results are very much effective.

A topical anesthetic may or may not be applied depending upon your skin condition. A good dermatologist like Dr.Rashmi will be able to provide the right treatment in the right way without any kind of scarring or side effects.

Why go for Laser for skin lightening?

Laser brightens your skin in a very natural way. These treatments work on the affected tissues and repair them by stimulating your skin cells to produce more collagen. Regular maintenance will help you in extending the results for a longer period of time. The benefits that you can expect fromlaser treatments for skin brightening include:

  • Faster Results: While other treatments may take weeks and even months to show results, with Laser you can see results almost immediately. The condition will keep improving over the next three to six months, making your skin appear younger, softer and brighter as you go. The number of sessions you may require will depend upon the treatment you go for and your skin type.
  • Better Results: While other skin whitening methods may not work that well, Laser resurfacing works on almost all skin types. Apart from just brightening the skin, these treatments also minimize your dark spots, eliminate your wrinkles & fine lines, repair the damage that the exposure to sun has caused to your skin and erases your acne scars. It is all-in-one treatment with better results.
  • Professional care: Laser treatments are not something that your regular beauticians can do. You need to go to a professional dermatologist who will take all the precautions required. The doctor will also closely monitor your condition until you recover completely. Any complications that may arise will be checked in time and treated so that you do not have to face any kind of risks.

Is it Right for you?

A professional dermatologist may tell you if Laser is the right treatment for brightening your skin. Although it may work well on all skin types, it is better to go for alternate treatments in the following conditions:

  • Active Acne:Active Acne may be painful and when you go for a laser treatment in such a condition it will increase your pain and even make it unbearable. Moreover you may have to face some unwanted side effects that may worsen the condition.
  • Pregnancy or Lactation: These conditions can put you in a vulnerable condition, making your skin more sensitive to pain. Further, the hormone productions may reduce the effects of laser treatments. It is always better to wait until you get back to your normal life before going for any of the laser treatments.
  • Skin Allergies or infections:Laser treatments would need skin that is free from any kind of active wounds, infections or allergies. So if you are already having any skin infections or allergies it is better to get them treated before going for laser.

Our Experienced Team:

You can get all the help you want from Dr. Rashmi, who is a well-qualified dermatologist practicing in Bangalore. She has a lot of experience in treating various kinds of cosmetic problems by using the most advanced technologies in a safe and effective way. She has invested in sophisticated equipment to reduce any kind of discomfort caused to her clients, either during or after the treatments. She has a specialized team to assist her in achieving all her goals.


Many people have found extremely satisfying results through laser treatments carried out by Dr. Rashmi at her Bangalore clinic. In fact most of them are still very much enjoying these results. Their extreme satisfaction has made them recommend our services to a lot of their friends and has even made them write a few reviews on the quality of our treatments. A quick glance through these reviews on our testimonial page can help you get first-hand information of what you can expect from us.


It is quite difficult to estimate the exact amount that you may have to spend on laser treatment for skin brightening. The type of treatment you go for, your skin type and the number of sessions you may need, will have to be estimated first. The amount that is generally charged per session depends upon the doctor you select and the geographical location of his/her clinic. It seems wiser to give us a call and fix up an appointment with Dr. Rashmi for a free consultation during which your condition will be evaluated by her with the right treatment suggested and the exact amount estimated.