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About Stretch Marks Removal Using Laser Treatment

Stretch marks are those parallel lines or bands that appear on your skin which have a different texture and color than your normal skin. They could be anywhere from bright pink to light gray or purple. If you happen to touch your stretch mark it feels like an indentation or a slight ridge on your skin. At times, they may even feel sore or itchy. Although these are not necessarily dangerous, they don’t disappear that easily. These can appear anywhere on your body including your thighs, upper arms, buttocks, breasts or stomach. You are at a higher risk to develop stretch marks if you are:

  • A woman
  • A Caucasian (one who has pale skin)
  • From a family where most of them have stretch marks
  • A pregnant woman
  • A woman who has delivered twins or a large baby
  • Overweight
  • A person who has lost or gained weight in a dramatic manner
  • A person who has been consuming corticosteroid medications
  • An adolescent who is growing rapidly

Causes of Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are generally caused due to an increase in the production of cortisone in your body. This will lead to loss of elasticity making your skin stretch at places. The causes for these include:


  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy many women experience stretch marks as the skin stretches to make more room for the growing baby.
  • Rapid Weight-loss or Weight-gain: If you are on a rigorous diet or a workout routine to lose or gain weight rapidly, you may come across stretch marks.
  • Sudden growth spurt: Teenagers might notice stretch marks all of a sudden during their sudden growth spurt.
  • Corticosteroid lotions, creams as well as pills can also cause stretch marks by stimulating the production of cortisone

The other causes for stretch marks include Cushing’s syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Marfan syndrome, and various disorders pertaining to adrenal glands.

Why go for Laser for Stretch marks?

Laser is an effective treatment for stretch marks which works on reducing the redness, smoothing out the stretch marks and repairing your skin. It works on almost all parts of your body such as stomach, upper-arms, buttocks, thighs and breasts. It can treat even the darkest of your stretch marks without causing any kind of harm to your surrounding skin. The benefits of laser for stretch marks include:

  • Improved appearance of skin without any surgical procedures
  • Minimal or no downtime
  • Safe and effective treatment which is also FDA-cleared
  • Faster Recovery

Choosing a qualified dermatologist will help you get treated for your stretch marks without any risks or side effects, leaving you with beautiful, youthful and supple skin that you can be proud of.

Types of Lasers treatments for Stretch Marks

  • Pulsed-Dye Laser:If you have reddish stretch marks pulsed-dye laser may work best for you. The selective wavelength of the pulsed-dye laser light is better absorbed by cells causing reddish stretch marks and once absorbed, it gets converted to thermal energy which destroys the affected cells. However, care has to be taken to selectively diffuse this light so that no harm is caused to the surrounding skin.
  • FractionalLaser: Although this treatment may not work on reddish marks, it works well on the brown pigments of the skin. By creating microthermal zones in your skin, Fraxel laser repairs the skin by pushing out the damaged cells and replacing the same with new skin. Apart from helping you get rid of your stretch marks it also works on stimulating the production of collagen in your skin, thereby helping your skin heal naturally.

Is it Right for you?

Laser treatments usually work for all skin types without causing any problems. However, consulting your dermatologist seems like a better idea before starting your treatment. In the following cases, it is always better to avoid these and go for alternative treatments as suggested by your dermatologist:

  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Presence of Active Acne
  • Skin allergies or infections

Our Experienced Team:

Dr. Rashmi, a well-known qualified and experienced dermatologist in Bangalore offers top quality laser treatments to treat different cosmetic problems. She has a fully equipped clinic that has all the sophisticated equipment that uses latest technology to effective treat her clients. A specialized team works under her, taking all the necessary precautions to prevent any kind of side effects either during or after the treatment. Together, they provide excellent after care that gives absolute satisfaction to all clients.


Dr. Rashmi has treated many clients and helped them get rid of their stretch marks permanently. Most of them have experienced 100% satisfaction with the quality of services provided and have recommended our services to many people who are known to them. Some have even been kind enough to write a few reviews that we have put up on our testimonial page. You can go through these reviews and make your decision.


The exact cost of the laser treatment for your stretch marks can only be known after assessing your skin type and estimating the kind of treatment and the number of sessions you may need. This may however differ from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic. Call us to fix an appointment with Dr. Rashmi and get a free consultation session during which you will understand whatever you want to know about laser treatments for stretch marks.