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About Skin Tightening

With age we start losing the fat element in our face, causing our skin to lose its volume. As such it starts hanging down, creating bands, wrinkles and droopiness. It is a very similar to a condition where you lose weight and your dress starts looking oversized on you. No amount of diet or exercise might correct this situation. In such cases the only alternative is to remove this excess skin and reposition those underlying muscles to give your skin a tightened appearance. This is only possible through skin tightening treatments such as thermage, facelift, laser skin tightening and so on.
Causes of sagging skinYou might come across sagging or drooping skin anywhere on your body, like your tummy, arms, neck and so on. The mean reasons for this include:

  • Ageing: As you age you will start losing out on your skin’s connective tissues namely elastin and collagen that are responsible for maintaining the softness and plumpness of your skin. Your facial muscles also start weakening, causing your skin to sag and droop.
  • Sun Exposure: too much exposure to the sun can damage your skin cells and make your skin age faster. This can also lead to the sagging of your skin
  • Weight Loss: If you happen to lose large amounts of weight within a short period of time through strict diets, rigorous exercises or surgeries such as bariatric surgeries, your skin tissues get stretched beyond limit, causing your skin to sag.

Treatments for skin tightening:

There are many kinds of nonsurgical as well as surgical treatments for skin tightening. You can consult your doctor and find out which is the one that seems right for you.

Nonsurgical skin tightening treatments:

  • Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse and Juvederm:These are simple injections that work like inflating a beach ball, addressing the bulges and pockets in your skin. It softens the shadows around your facial creases, making your cheek folds and jowls seem less prominent. It can help in restoring volume to your cheeks and minimize the appearance of your jowls.
  • Skin tightening devices such as Thermage, TITAN and Refirme:These are generally used in treatments that are administered in medical offices to tighten your skin. While Titan makes use of Infrared light, Thermage uses RF or unipolar radiofrequency energy to tighten skin. Refirme makes use of bipolar RF as well as Infrared light to tighten skin.
  • Laser skin tightening:Laser can be used to tighten your skin by heating up the collagen underneath the surface of your skin. This will cause your skin to contract and thus tighten. The results of such a treatment will be noticeable almost immediately. The lack of downtime here has made this treatment a very popular one across the world. For optimal results it is advisable to go in for regular sessions for a period of two to three months of time. Also, you get to enjoy youthful skin for a long period of time, without any age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines or acne scars.

Surgical Treatments for Skin Tightening:

There are many surgical treatments for tightening of skin. Nevertheless, a combination that involves a nonsurgical as well as a surgical treatment seems to be the best for skin tightening. For instance, Thermage can be used along with neck liposuction for a great looking face lift.


  • Panniculectomy: This is a surgery that is aimed at removing the excess skin that you come across after your pregnancy or a weight loss.
  • Tummy Tuck: Tummy tuck is one procedure that not only removes this excess skin but also tightens the muscles underneath your skin. However, it might leave a visible scar behind.
  • Facelift or Mini lift: This could be an excellent solution for facial sagging. This procedure will lift up your jowls and neatly clean up your neck to give your face the much needed lift. First your neck is sculpted by taking off the extra fat from the top and below your muscle fibers. Then the muscles in the front of your neck and underneath your jaw-line are tightened in order to improve your jowl line. The SMAS or facial superficial musculoaponeurotic system will also be tightened so as to lift up your jowls.

Our Experienced Team:

Dr. Rashmi, a well-qualified dermatologist practicing in Bangalore can help you with skin tightening. She has vast experience in treating various types of skin conditions and has helped many people achieve a well-toned youthful looking skin. Her clinic is equipped with latest technology equipment and state-of-the-art facilities that enable her to offer effective and safe treatments to her clients. Her specialized team assists her in taking all the required precautions so that no side effects are caused either during or after the treatment. Here is a bit of information on skin tightening treatments:


Many people have visited Dr. Rashmi for skin tightening treatments and she has worked on almost all of them. Most of them have been very satisfied with the results they have experienced and hence have recommended our services to their relatives and friends. Some of our clients have even written a few positive reviews to show their satisfaction. We have put up a few of these on our testimonial page for you to go through.


The exact amount that you may have to spend on your skin tightening treatment depends upon a number of things such as:

  • Your skin condition
  • The treatment that you choose
  • The doctor you choose
  • The location of the clinic
  • Number of sessions you may need
  • Maintenance if any

You can give us a call and fix up an appointment with Dr. Rashmi in order to avail a consultation session absolutely free of charge. During this session you will be told about the exact treatment that might work for depending upon your budget and the objective you want to achieve. You will also get to know the exact amount that you may have to spend on your treatment.